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Why choose Gibbons Construction Management to build your home / house extension. Bury Builders

Updated: Jan 9, 2023


About us

Over the past 25 years Gibbons Construction Management (GCM) have worked on many large scale commercial and domestic projects and have taken the professional concepts learnt commercially and applied it to the domestic market. By doing this we have developed a new approach to building house extensions which provides a higher level of professionalism than our market competitors. Leading to us attracting higher levels of new clients and achieving repeat business.

Avoid selecting rogue builders

Unlike, most of our competitors which under-price work to win tenders, use inexperienced trades with no qualifications and poor-quality materials resulting in your build being left unfinished or to a substandard level which costs further money to rectify before it can be passed by building control and warranty insurances. We get it right first time.

Due to the extensive commercial background of the company and its director. Common issues such as site cleanliness, poor workmanship, building out of sequence, poor materials being used, and projects running over on both time and budget is avoided.

Understanding the needs of our clients

Through careful planning and working closely with our clients. We ensure we fully understand their needs before beginning a project. Its vitally important to us that communication is maintained throughout all stages of building to ensure the client is satisfied with the work being done.

Careful planning and communication at the beginning ensures minimal issues occur throughout the project.

Good communication throughout the project ensures the result is exactly what our client requires it to be.

We keep all our customers informed weekly throughout all stages of building by giving them a weekly update on our progress and a forecast on what we aim to achieve in the week ahead.

Our goal

The main goal of our company is to continue growing a strong reputation and repeat custom. We want our clients to choose Gibbons Construction Management because they're confident the quality of our workmanship will always be to the same high standard and they know their dream home is in safe hands.

Training and safety

The company invests in training its work force to be aware of the current building regulations and industry scheme changes.

The company provides adequate health and safety training and equipment to its workers. By doing this, they keep themselves and others in their working environment safe at all times.

The future of the company

Through constant quality of workmanship on each of its projects and competitive tendering, Gibbons Construction Management is now one of the fastest growing local construction companies in the Northwest.

We’re constantly on the lookout for new trades and labour who align with achieving the high standards of workmanship Gibbons Construction Management achieves for its clients on every project.

Home Extensions

The company has already shown growth in building house extensions in the following local areas

· Accrington

· Bolton

· Blackburn

· Bury

· Oldham

· Manchester

· Middleton

· Rossendale

· Salford

· Stockport

· Tameside

For more information on about Gibbons Construction Management following the link below:

Gibbons Construction Management

Bury, United Kingdom

Tel: 01617103349

Mobile: 07940195544

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