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What size should my house extension be?


When it comes to the size of your extension, there are no hard and fast rules, although there are a few items to note:

  • Planning permission will be needed if your extension covers more than half the garden (including previously built extensions and outbuildings).

  • There is commonly planning restrictions that will prevent you from building an extension higher than the existing house.

  • In the case of a side extensions, roofs and walls may be required to be set back from the house a little (often around 15cm).

You obviously want your new extension to meet your space requirements. So, bear in mind potential buyers can be put off by an extension that takes up most of the garden, and you could be left craving a larger outdoor area.

If you speak to your Architect about what you want from your new home extension: maybe it’s a kitchen diner or a two-storey structure that offers a guest bedroom with an En-suite. You’ll be able to work out how big it needs to be without it becoming a huge eyesore. A good Architect will be able to come up with a solution and create an area which is in proportion to the existing house and its outdoor area, which still meets all your requirements.

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