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is project managing my own home extension a good idea?


It is critical to consider if you have the time

While some prefer to manage building a house extension themselves. It’s critical to consider if you have the time, knowledge, and trade contacts to do this efficiently enough to make it cost and time effective. The main reason people choose to manage it themselves is to save their hard earned cash, but they need to realise how much time on site is required. They’ll need to research and organise the workforce and materials. Have a good technical understanding and an ability to resolve design issues when they occur. If you expect to work full-time and take this on a hobby. It could potentially leave your spinning.

Project management can also be taken on by design and build or package build company

Many builders will happily take on the project management role: co-ordinating all trades, overseeing work, calling in materials, and liaising with you on a regular basis. Project management can also be carried on by a design & build company, or package build company.

Considering hiring an experienced professional project manager

If you are considering hiring an experienced professional and you’re concerned about the cost. This is a move that can save you potentially a lot of money in the long run. A professional project manager will be able to programme in the relevant trades and ensure your extension is built in sequence. They will have a list of specialist contractors they have used in the past and know they’re able to do the job correctly and in line with the current building regulations.

Quality of work needs to be satisfactory

A project manager will also be able to point out substandard levels of work and ensure corrective measures are implemented as they’ll have a good understanding of quality standards which need to be met to satisfy the local building authority.

Don’t end up being charged double the original cost of the build

For someone with little or no experience this could end up being a very costly exercise. If you don’t know yourself, how can you instruct? It is referred to in the industry as “the blind leading the blind”. This is a common and reoccurring problem across the whole of the UK and can end up costing the homeowner double the overall cost of the build in corrective costs.

Don’t automatically go for the cheapest quote

A common mistake of the homeowner is to choose the cheapest quote. In doing so, they can end up with builders who haven’t priced the job correctly, used cheap inexperienced labour and don’t have enough money left to finish the job or pay their men. Usually, these kinds of builders don’t offer any form of contract or don’t provide any insurances, or proof of qualifications or experience for themselves or their men.

For more advice on why you should choose a professional company to build your project. Contact Gibbons Construction Management.

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