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How much do house extensions cost

How much do house extensions cost

It is almost impossible to put an exact figure on extension costs as there are so many variables: from where you are in the country to the extension’s size and the type of specification you’re aiming for. Your extension’s cost is also greatly affected by how the new space will be used. A kitchen extension will cost far more than an office or playroom extension, for example.

It’s often necessary to extend your heating system along with your house. That may mean the electrics must be upgraded too — especially for bathroom and kitchen extensions. Obviously, that will add plumber and electrician costs. You’ll need to factor into your budget for buying and fitting your new bathroom or kitchen, and you may need a new boiler as well.

The best way to get a realistic quote is to create as detailed a brief as you can, including plans if possible. Gibbons Construction Management (GCM), provide in their quotes what they have and have not accounted for as approaches can vary from ‘bare bones’ to meticulously detailed.

To get a better understanding of the likely costs for your home extension, contact Gibbons Construction Management using the link below to request a free consultation.

Gibbons Construction Management

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