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Building regulations for my home extension


What are building regulations?

Building regulations are a set of statutory requirements that all buildings. This includes extensions and garage or loft conversions. The proposed building work must meet these requirements to create a safe and healthy environment to inhabit.

Building regulations are broken down into the following parts:

· Structure (Part A)

· Fire Safety (Part B)

· Site Preparation and resistance to contaminants and moisture (Part C)

· Toxic substances (Part D)

· Sound (Part E)

· Ventilation (Part F)

· Hygiene (Part G)

· Drainage and waste disposal (Part H)

· Combustion appliances and fuel storage systems (Part J)

· Protection from falling, collision and impact. (Part K)

· Conservation of power and fuel (Part L)

· Access to and use of buildings (Part M)

· Electrical safety in dwellings (Part P)

· Security (Part Q)

· High speed communications (Part R)

· Building Materials and workmanship (Part 7)

How do I ensure my building is inline with UK Building Regulations?

It is recommended that your obtain a full set of technical drawings for your proposed build to ensure so your contractor has detailed instructions on meeting all legal requirements.

Due to no two projects being the same. It is always a good idea to consult a professional who can advise you on how ensure your project is built correctly and you as the homeowner have adhered to all legal obligations.

For more information

If you would like to discuss any of the above regulations mentioned and how they may affect your proposed building works. Contact Gibbons Construction Management.

We’re always happy to assist with any technical queries you may have and by doing so we assist in raising awareness in the UK for understanding building regulations and standards.

Gibbons Construction Management


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